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Behind the Scenes

Is Coronavirus a Punishment from God?

Is Allah angry at us? Can this circumstance in any way be a mercy? Dr. Osman Umarji discusses his latest research analysis and answers these questions with evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah. Read and download...

Look for the Positive

Look for the Positive

The believer looks for the wisdom of Allah’s (swt) decision in a situation. The believer looks for the positive aspects of what was decreed. Tune in as Hanif Fouse goes behind the scenes on his paper A Loan of...

How to Embrace Uncertainty

Dr. Hassan Elwan discusses his newly released paper on the Muslim community’s emotional response to Coronavirus and presents ways to embrace uncertainty with positivity.

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Religious Identity Development

How does a parent know whether their child will grow up religious or even identify as a Muslim as an adult? Dr. Osman Umarji discusses his upcoming article on religious identity development. Read the full publication...

Climbing the Spiritual Mountain

Justin Parrott goes behind the scenes on his latest paper on Islam, iman, and ihsan and describes the metaphor of “climbing the spiritual mountain” towards ihsan.
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Discerning the Signs

Could physical suffering lead us to our calling? Guest Contributor Dr. Amira Ayad discusses her latest paper on cultivating a different outlook from the trial of a painful diagnosis.
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Are Hadith Necessary?

Is there anywhere in the Qur’an that tells us to follow the Sunnah? Do we need Hadith to understand Islam? Guest contributor Emad Hamdeh discusses his upcoming article on the purpose of Hadith within Islam. Read...