Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

About Us

Islam has a centuries long tradition of inspiring its adherents to contribute to humanity based on conviction in its tenets. Previous generations of Muslims were on the forefront of contributing to medicine, philosophy, architecture, and governance among other areas. We are an institute aiming to rekindle this tradition.

Constant negative portrayals of Islam have put Muslims in a defensive position in which they constantly have to justify their convictions, while fighting off the natural doubts and insecurities that arise in such a climate. As such, young Muslims should be intellectually equipped and spiritually anchored in a way that empowers them to deal with the onslaught of doubt-inducing claims routinely leveled against Islam.

We aim to actively participate in the current day discourse touching on all topics that are related to establishing conviction in the hearts and minds of young Muslims. The institute aims to be the trusted source regarding these topics by generating well researched Islamic content that is then distilled through various formats including articles, infographics, animations, videos, and cutting edge app technology. This content is then carefully assembled into curricula that can be used by various educators and community leaders to help anchor young Muslims in their faith, and produce thoughtful societal contribution.

The Institute is a non-profit research initiative that will make all of its content free and accessible. This will allow everyone looking for answers, and those tasked with giving answers, to always have a comprehensive resource readily available to them.

We believe that telling our own story is the only way to counter the narrative that has been forced upon our community.

Our Areas of Focus

We aim to address relevant topics head-on with the help of the foremost experts in this space. Our work concentrates in the following areas:

Dismantling Doubts: What Islam isn’t. Refuting claims made against Islam, contextualizing texts or issues that have been problematized by Islamophobes, and offering frameworks to refute common misconceptions.

Nurturing Conviction: What Islam is. Offering content on how to spiritually and intellectually anchor and strengthen belief. This involves an Islamic equivalent to systematic theology. The goal is to build creed by reintroducing Allah and His Messenger to people, instilling strong faith in divine texts, rooting Iman in the hearts, and offering spiritual guidance on how to practice in a way that keeps those roots nourished.

Inspiring Contribution: What Islam does. Telling the story of Islam properly historically and in the present. Reclaiming the glorious past of contribution, while contextualizing when Muslims fell short of Islamic goals. This also includes discussions on ethics: What is unique about what Islam can give to the world today in the unique sense. This represents the branches and fruits of the tree of faith that provide shade and benefit to humanity.

Our Approach

Yaqeen is not your typical research institute. Our audience is ‘you’ – not policy makers. As a result, we believe that a unique approach is necessary in order to stay true to our mission.


We aim to raise the discourse in the Muslim community by making academic grade research material accessible to everyone.

100% Free

We pledge to make every last piece of content we ever create free for everyone.

Intellectual Integrity

We urge our researchers to speak and write their minds. Even if unpopular. Even if contradictory to the opinions of other researchers.


Yaqeen will not take sides on any research topic. We believe our neutrality is the optimum way to foster dialogue on the important topics of the day.


By providing a ‘behind the scenes’ view throughout the research process, a more nuanced understanding of the subject matter can be attained.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in these papers and articles are strictly those of the authors. Furthermore, Yaqeen does not endorse any of the personal views of the authors on any platform. Our team is diverse on all fronts allowing for constant enriching dialogue that helps us produce only the finest research