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Look for the Positive

The believer looks for the wisdom of Allah’s (swt) decision in a situation. The believer looks for the positive aspects of what was decreed. Tune in as Hanif Fouse goes behind the scenes on his paper A Loan of Love: Appreciating the Blessing of Family in Difficult Times.

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Hanif Fouse

Hanif Fouse

Guest Contributor | Hanif Fouse is presently Imam of United Muslim Masjid in Philadelphia's Center City. He is also the Director of QARI's Accessible Arabic program, dedicated to helping students develop the literacy skills necessary for Arabic for Religious Purposes. Hanif holds an M.Ed. in TESOL, and has taught for over eighteen years, thirteen of which were in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During Hanif's last eight years in the Kingdom, he resided in Madinah, where, when not busy with work and family, he spent his time seeking knowledge with several of the city's local scholars and students of knowledge.