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Learning takes time. But Yaqeen Academy™ takes the time out of learning.

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We get it. As much as you’d like to, it’s tough to squeeze in a reading of an academic research paper in your busy schedules. That’s why we created Yaqeen Academy™, the bite-sized video learning platform on our mobile app.

By committing to just 2 minutes of your day, you can get the gist of an entire research topic, master monumental concepts, and gain confidence in your faith—all through a habit-forming learning platform in the palm of your hand. Stay motivated through the points system and learn at your own pace. It’s high-quality, peer-reviewed, faith-based content in the simplest format available thus far.

Give us 2 minutes. We’ll give you clarity, one faith-related video at a time.

Access it immediately by downloading the Yaqeen app on your phone and tapping on the ‘Academy’ icon in the footer:

Download the Yaqeen app now

How does Yaqeen Academy™ work?

It’s extremely simple:

1. Download the free Yaqeen app from the app store.
2. Follow the prompts to create an account.
3. Click a 2-minute video and begin!

Each video will be followed by a short quiz to ensure comprehension. The points and leaderboard system will encourage you to form a learning habit, and it’s also a chance to get your friends and family in on a productive challenge.

You can always navigate back to where you left off through the ‘Academy’ button on the footer. The other tabs in the footer take you to all the content available on our website.

Can I access Yaqeen Academy™ from the desktop website?
No, Academy is currently only exclusively available in our Yaqeen app.
Who is Yaqeen Academy™ for?
Everyone! It’s a chance for everyone to gain a little bit of clarity every day through a simple, accessible platform—so whether you’re at home or on-the-go, in between tasks or when you have a few spare moments to yourself, you can spend 2-minutes a day to form an unshakeable connection with your faith.
How is Yaqeen Academy™ different from Yaqeen Classroom™?
Yaqeen Classroom™ uses our tailor-made Yaqeen Curriculum™ to help students understand topics more deeply in an online learning environment, with access to live instructors. Yaqeen Academy™ uses bite-sized videos on the same topics, short quizzes, and a points-based learning experience through our mobile app, to cater to all types of users at their convenience.