Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Call for Papers

The Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research is dedicated to the publication of original content, on relevant Islamic topics, that is academic, authentic, and accessible. Articles that provide answers to questions on Islam that cause doubts in the minds of Muslims, or nurture conviction in their religion, remain the focus of YIIR’s academic line of inquiry. Contributions across academic disciplines are welcome, with particular attention given to the following research areas: Islamic Sciences, Muslim Community Data and Trends, History, Islamic Ethics, Islam and Politics, Islam and Science, Philosophy, and Education. By serving as a platform for the exchange of religiously authentic ideas, and elevating the voices of the many talented academics within the Muslim community, the YIIR aims to inspire all Muslims to see the value of their religion and ultimately spur Islamically-rooted contribution within the broader society. As such, every paper submitted to Yaqeen is meant to seek one or more of the following research goals:

Dismantling Doubts: What Islam isn’t. Refuting claims made against Islam, contextualizing texts or issues that have been problematized by Islamophobes, and offering frameworks to refute common misconceptions.

Nurturing Conviction: What Islam is. Offering content on how to spiritually and intellectually anchor and strengthen belief. This involves an Islamic equivalent to systematic theology. The goal is to build creed by reintroducing Allah and His Messenger to people, instilling strong faith in divine texts, rooting Iman in the hearts, and offering spiritual guidance on how to practice in a way that keeps those roots nourished.

Inspiring Contribution: What Islam does. Telling the story of Islam properly historically and in the present. Reclaiming the glorious past of contribution, while contextualizing when Muslims fell short of Islamic goals. This also includes discussions on ethics: What is unique about what Islam can give to the world today in the unique sense. This represents the branches and fruits of the tree of faith that provide shade and benefit to humanity. Based on our approach, we have grouped our research categories and topics (not exhaustive) in the following manner:

If we find your research to be in line with the vision and goals of the institute we will provide a platform for your research to reach the masses.

The platform will include but is not limited to Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research doing the following:

  • Publish on Yaqeen’s website.
  • Publish and push on Yaqeen’s Social Media handles.
  • Assist in creating and publishing Audiobook(s).
  • Assist in creating and publishing behind-the-scenes video(s), podcasts, live Facebook Q&A sessions, infographics and 5-minute video summaries.

To have your proposal considered for publication with the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, please complete the following: