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Day 26: A Date with Destiny | Ramadan Strong

The Night of Laylatul Qadr is a moment where our destiny is revealed to the angels. Out of Allah’s Love, Grace and Mercy, he has given us the opportunity to meet our destiny with a clean slate through repentance and to shape it with our invocations.


Dr. Zohair Abdul-Rahman

Fellow | Dr. Zohair Abdul-Rahman M.D. M.Sc. was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He studied the Islamic sciences under various local teachers, receiving ijazahs in ‘Aqeedah (theology) and Hadith. Currently, he works as a medical doctor in Brisbane, Australia, where he also serves as a volunteer Imam at a number of mosques, delivering khutbahs and lectures for adults and the youth. He has strong research interests in Islamic theology, Islamic spirituality, and mental health. Alongside his Islamic research, he has also published in medical journals and presented at psychiatric conferences.