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Difference of Opinion: Clearing Up the Confusion | Infographic

When it comes to questions in Islam, sometimes we across multiple opinions and points of view. How do we determine which opinion is correct? And how can I make sense of all those opinions existing simultaneously?

Knowing how to determine if an opinion is valid is more important than the content of the opinion itself. If we understand that the scholar, methodology, and intent behind an opinion are sound, then we can feel more confident in our faith and the opinions we choose to follow. 


Dr. Nazir Khan

Director of Research Strategy | Dr. Nazir Khan MD FRCPC is the President of Yaqeen Canada and the Director of Research Strategy at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. He is a Neuroradiologist and Assistant Professor at McMaster University. He is also a specialist in the Qur鈥檃nic sciences with certification (ij膩zah) in the ten readings of the Qur鈥檃n through both major and minor routes of transmission. He has also received other certifications (ij膩z膩t) in Qur示膩nic studies (士Ul奴m al-Qur示an), Hadith, and Islamic theology (士aq墨dah). He memorized the whole Qur'an during his youth and has served as an Imam for many years. He has taught Islamic theology and Qur鈥檃nic studies classes, workshops, and seminars and is a consultant for the Manitoba Islamic Association Fiqh Committee. Dr. Khan completed his residency at the University of Manitoba and fellowship in Diagnostic Neuroradiology at the University of Calgary. His expertise in both medical sciences and Islamic theology uniquely positions him to address challenging contemporary questions regarding faith, reason, and science.