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S2E2 – How can I bring peace to my heart? | DoubleTake

Human beings naturally desire to be in a state of peace, but understanding what that means can be complicated, and the journey to attaining it is full of challenges and distractions. Allah tells us that He is as-Salām, the Flawless, the Source of Peace.

How can our understanding of God transform our hearts? What does it look like to be in a state of peace? Where should we start if we feel distant from as-Salām?

In this episode, host Mohamad Zaoud talks to Dr. Jinan Yousef, author of the Yaqeen Institute paper, “Seeking the Source of Peace: Allah’s Name as as-Salām.

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Dr. Jinan Yousef

Dr. Jinan Yousef

Dr. Jinan Yousef has been an author for over a decade, and most recently published the book, "Reflecting on the Names of Allah" (Al-Buruj Press, 2020). She has been a student of Sheikh Akram Nadwi for many years, and currently studies tafsir and hadith at Al-Salam Institute. Jinan teaches classes on the names of Allah for SWISS online. She is passionate about helping Muslims connect to Allah through knowing Him by His names.