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Qur'an Trivia | Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 5

Qur’an Trivia | Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 5

How could Allah, the Most Compassionate and Merciful, allow the unleash evil upon innocent and defenseless people?  Read how In Sūrat al-Burūj, Allah ﷻ directly addresses the reality of genocide.

Daily Juz Questions & Answers

Our signature Qur’an 30 for 30 with Dr. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Abdullah Oduro is back with a fresh new season all recorded in house on set!  Join our scholars and a surprise esteemed guest every day this month of Ramadan as they dive deep into each juz via the lens of destiny (qadr).  

We’ll be updating this Q&A daily as each episode is released, so pin this page as you follow along! If you’re needing to catch up or want to relisten to a past episode, feel free to run through our Qur’an 30 for 30 watch playlist or listen on-the-go via our Yaqeen Podcast.

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Juz 1

Question: Who narrated the story of the companion that famously recited Surah al-Fatihah on a non-Muslim chief as a form of cure at the time of the Prophet ﷺ ?

Answer: Abu Saeed al-Khudri (rA)

Juz 2

Question: What were the words that Allah received from Adam (as) in the first juz?

Answer: رَبَّنَا ظَلَمْنَآ أَنفُسَنَا وَإِن لَّمْ تَغْفِرْ لَنَا وَتَرْحَمْنَا لَنَكُونَنَّ مِنَ ٱلْخَـٰسِرِينَ

“Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If You do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we will certainly be losers.”  [Qur’an, 7:23]

Juz 3

Question: What is the subject matter of the longest verse in the Qur’an?

  1. Piety
  2. Divorce laws
  3. Debt laws

Answer: 3. Debt laws

Juz 4

Question: In what hijri year was Surah Ali Imran revealed?

  1. 2 AH
  2. 3 AH
  3. 4 AH

Answer: 2. 3 AH 

Juz 5

Question: Which battle is referenced in Surah Ali Imran, and in what year did the battle take place?

  1. Battle of Uhud (3 AH)
  2. Battle of Badr (2 AH)
  3. Both Uhud and Badr

Answer: 3. Both Uhud and Badr

Juz 6

Question: In verse 36 of Surah an-Nisa, who is the companion that Allah is referring to when He says “the companion that is at your side”?

  1. Spouse
  2. Travel companion
  3. Both

Answer: 3. Both

Juz 7

Question: How many times does the phrase “O you who have believed” appear in Surah al-Ma’idah?

  1. 10
  2. 5
  3. 18

Answer: 3. 18

Juz 8

Question: How many times is the word “an’am” (livestock) mentioned in Surah al-An’am?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 8

Answer: 2. 6

Juz 9

Question: What are the types of garments described in Surah al-A’raf?

  1. Garments to cover the awrah
  2. Garments for beauty and adornment
  3. Both

Answer: 3. Both

Juz 10

Question: What is the reason that most of the scholars say there is no Basmalah (Bismillah) in Surah at-Tawbah?

  1. It is considered a continuation of Surah al-Anfal.
  2. There is no salaam for the hypocrites.
  3. There is no salaam for making tawbah.

Answer: 1. It is considered a continuation of Surah al-Anfal.

Juz 11

Question: There’s another name for Surah at-Tawbah, which specifically refers to its exposing. What is the other name for Surah at-Tawbah that the ulema mentioned?

  1. “The Discloser”
  2. “The Revealer”
  3. “The Exposer”

Answer: 3. “The Exposer” (al-Fadiha)

Juz 12

Question: Why was Surah Al-Anfal named Al-Anfal, and what was it revealed in regards to?

  1. The Spoils of War
  2. The Spoils of the Battle of Badr
  3. Both

Answer: 3. Both

Juz 13

Question: The Prophet ﷺ said, “Hud and its sisters have caused me to turn gray!” Which of the following surahs are from Hud’s sisters?

  1. Al-Mulk and Al-Haqqah
  2. Al-Waqi’ah and Al-Mursalat
  3. An-Nazi’at and Al-Infitar

Answer: 2. Al-Waqi’ah and Al-Mursalat

Juz 14

Question: In Surah Ibrahim, Allah states: “Have you not considered how Allah presents an example, a good word like a good tree.” What is the meaning of “a good word”?

  1. The testimony of faith (La ilaha illa Allah)
  2. Faith (iman)
  3. Both A and B

Answer: 3. Both A and B

Juz 15

Question: Which prophet was sent to the people of Al-Hijr?

  1. Prophet Saleh (as)
  2. Prophet Lut (as)
  3. Prophet Hud (as)

Answer: 1. Prophet Salah (as)

Juz 16

Question: What are two other names of Surah al-Isra?

  1. Subhan & Bani Isra’il (Children of Israel)
  2. Muqaddasah & Tawakkul
  3. None of the above

Answer: 1. Subhan & Bani Isra’il (Children of Israel)

Juz 17

Question: How many times is Allah’s name Ar-Rahman mentioned in Surah Maryam?

  1. 16
  2. 14
  3. 13

Answer: 1. 16

Juz 18

Question: What is the only surah in the Qur’an that has two prostrations of recitation?

  1. Al-Anbiya
  2. Al-Hajj
  3. Maryam

Answer: 2. Al-Hajj

Juz 19

Question: Why was Surah an-Nur given this name?

  1. جاءكم من ٱللَّهِ نور وكتـٰب مبين [Qur’an, 5:15]
  2.  الله نور السموات والأرض [Qur’an, 24:35]
  3.  يريدون أن يطفـٔوا نور ٱللَّه بأفوههم [Qur’an, 9:32]

Answer: 2. الله نور السموات والأرض [Qur’an, 24:35]

Juz 20

Question: There is a battle that is named after a surah in Juz 19. Which battle is it?

  1. Al-Ahzab
  2. Al-Furqan
  3. Al-Anfal

Answer: 2. Al-Furqan

Juz 21

Question: In which surah does Allah promise the Prophet ﷺ a return to Mecca?

  1. Al-Fath
  2. Al-Qasas
  3. Ar-Rum

Answer: 2. Al-Qasas

Juz 22

Question: What surah in Juz 21 mentions the 5 things that only Allah knows?

  1. Ar-Rum
  2. As-Sajdah
  3. Luqman

Answer: 3. Luqman

Juz 23

Question: What is the name of the man who is the warner in Surah Yasin?

  1. Waraqah ibn Nawfal
  2. Bahira
  3. Habib An-Najjar

Answer: 3. Habib An-Najjar

Juz 24 

Question: In which surah (from the previous juz) does Allah mention Ibrahim (as) seeing in a dream that he is to sacrifice Ismail (as)?

  1. Surah As-Saffat
  2. Surah Al-Fath
  3. Surah Yusuf

Answer: 1. Surah As-Saffat

Juz 25

Question: What is another name for Surah Ghafir?

  1. Surah Al-Bara’ah
  2. Surah Al-Mu’min
  3. Surah Al-Insan

Answer: 2. Surah Al-Mu’min

Juz 26

Question: Which verse from Juz 25 used to cause Caliph Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz to cry all night in his qiyam?

  1. Surah Shuraa, Verse 45
  2. Surah Shuraa, Verse 7
  3. Surah Jathiyah, Verse 28

Answer: 2. Surah Shuraa, Verse 7

Juz 27

Question: Who was the prophet at the center of the story in Surah Al-Ahqaf?

  1. Lut (as)
  2. Shuaib (as)
  3. Hud (as)

Answer: 3. Hud (as)

Juz 28

Question: Which verse in Surah Ar-Rahman do some scholars say is the shortest verse in the Qur’an?

  1. ٱلرَّحْمَـٰنُ (verse 1)
  2. ذَوَاتَآ أَفْنَانٍۢ (verse 48)
  3. مُدْهَآمَّتَانِ (verse 64)

Answer: 3. مُدْهَآمَّتَانِ (verse 64)

Juz 29

Question: Who is the woman referred to in Surah Al-Mujadilah?

1. Hind bint Utbah
2. Nusaybah bint Ka’ab
3. Khawlah bint Tha’labah

Answer: 3. Khawlah bint Tha’labah

Juz 30

Question: What was the first surah revealed to the Prophet ﷺ in Juz 29 after the first few ayat when he received the revelation in Hira?

1. Surah Al ‘Alaq
2. Surah Al Muddaththir
3. Surah Al Muzzammil

Answer: 2. Surah Al Muddaththir