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One Million Meals for Gaza Through Zakat Foundation

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Now, more than ever, we need to support our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Palestine! One thing is for sure Palestinians in Gaza are starving. This article is sourced by the Zakat Foundation of America. You can find the full article here, where you can see images of the 1 Million Meals for Gaza Campaign!

On their way to 1 million meals in Gaza, the Zakat Foundation of America has been on the ground during this crisis, feeding Gaza’s famished. The nonprofit seeks to provide 1 million meals in Gaza to alleviate as much hunger as it can. This is no simple task, especially given the restrictions on aid entering the strip.

Zakat Foundation of America Palestine Support So Far 

Food Distribution Efforts: Zakat Foundation of America, in collaboration with local partners, has been actively distributing food to the affected population in Gaza. This includes essential items such as grains, pulses, and other non-perishable goods.

Meal Programs: The organization has initiated meal programs targeting vulnerable groups, ensuring that those in dire need receive regular and nutritious meals.

Temporary Shelter and Basic Needs: Recognizing the challenges faced by those who have lost their homes, the Zakat Foundation of America is providing temporary shelter solutions and addressing basic needs for the displaced population.

Collaboration with Local Communities: Working closely with local communities, the foundation is tailoring its relief efforts to the specific needs and circumstances of the people in Gaza.

As the world witnesses what is happening to Gaza, it is important to remember that Palestinians need unlimited support. Don’t give up on Gaza. Don’t give up on Palestine. Every contribution counts toward Gaza’s rehabilitation.

Together, we will pray and offer our unconditional support to Gaza in all the ways we can!

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