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News Recap – Week of 01/22/2020

Omar Suleiman protests Gov. Greg Abbott’s refusal to continue accepting refugees to Texas

The Dallas Observer wrote an article this past week regarding Gov. Greg Abbott’s refusal last week to continue accepting refugees to Texas, Imam Omar Suleiman joined ten Dallas refugee, immigrant and religious groups who organized a joint press conference to speak directly to Governor Abbott in order to request him to reconsider his decision. Refugee advocates argue that refugees contribute far more to the local culture and even the economy than they take away in the long run. “It’s unfortunate that Gov. Abbott once again chose to make Texas distinct with its hate,” said Omar Suleiman, who also stated in a separate article regarding his own political activism:

“My work politically revolves around eliminating suffering, domestically and abroad. This shapes how I view militarism, poverty, policing, mass incarceration, environmental issues, healthcare, immigration, and torture. The Prophet said, “find me amongst the oppressed. Are you given aid and support by Allah except by how you treat your most vulnerable?””

Muhsen announces Adult Day Center in Chicago

Muhsen, the organization that helps create awareness regarding providing accommodations for people with special needs in Mosques across the country, announced this week that its Chicago chapter is in the process of developing its first Adult Day Center for individuals aged 18+ with Special Needs and is requesting your feedback to ensure that the programming meets your needs inshaAllah. Please take a few minutes to complete this very short questionnaire. Omar Suleiman is the founder of Muhsen and its executive Director is Joohi Tahir.

The Firsts lecture series continues

This past week, Imam Omar Suleiman continued his weekly lecture series on “The Firsts,” where he highlights the forerunners in Muslim history who inspired generations to serve humanity. On his Instagram page, Imam Omar Suleiman shared a picture of Wanda, a consistent attendee of his lectures:

“This is Wanda. She’s one of the sweetest people I know. She’s not Muslim, but she has been the most consistent attendee of my weekly lectures for some time now. She prints out the notes every week, and despite her not knowing the Seerah background, always asks me to translate some terms after class and further clarifying questions. She’s a blessing to our community. There are good people out there, make sure you thank them. Thank you Wanda :)”

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