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Muslim Crowdfunding Platform Celebrates a Decade of Impact for Those in Need

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Various Muslim organizations have achieved inspiring milestones in their efforts to assist people in need all over the world. LaunchGood is one such organization that has aided countless countries and saved the lives of millions of people. They have concentrated on providing assistance in almost all areas that require it. They have demonstrated the power of Muslim crowdfunding to make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it the most through their impactful campaigns. Their unwavering effort recently has marked a decade! 

They uniquely celebrated their tenth anniversary, marking ten years of global impact by assisting those in need and still have a long way ahead of themselves in making a change in the world with their unwavering efforts toward humanitarian causes. 

LaunchGood: Representing Their Ummah All The Way 

LaunchGood has connected people all around the world, and first responders show unity during disasters. Creative Muslims bring innovative ideas to enrich the lives of Muslims globally. LaunchGood also supports the construction of mosques, Islamic institutions, and Dawah efforts worldwide.

Through The Ups and Downs of a Decade of Active Volunteer Work

LaunchGood.com was officially launched in September 2013 with the help of a few Muslim volunteers. Despite facing challenges in securing VC funding twice, LaunchGood persevered and gained momentum. In May 2015, the company was founded with the launch of the LaunchGood Fellowship, which helped build a team of 38 fellows from seven countries. The Ramadan Challenge, launched in June 2015, was created to create products that served the needs of Muslims

In July 2015, LaunchGood’s first viral campaign, “Rebuild with Love,” was launched to show solidarity against arson attacks on Black churches in the US South. In November 2016, LaunchGood won a $100K EFICA award, which helped them overcome debts and outdated laptops.

In January 2018, LaunchGood expanded its services to over 130 countries, including London, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Singapore, and a few global nomads. In March 2019, LaunchGood organized a record-setting campaign to raise over $2 million in 48 hours, bringing together tens of thousands of people worldwide.

In May 2020, collective efforts emerged to #OutsmartCorona, a global crisis that prompted a heightened sense of empathy and solidarity among donors. In June 2021, LaunchGood celebrated 1 million donors, and in August 2022, the first team gathering at GMW took place, with 25 global events planned for 2024.

In February 2023, the world united to support victims of the deadly earthquake in Turkiye, Syria, raising over $6 million for displaced families and survivors.

These crowdfunding organizations along with Muslim leaders are making a significant impact on people’s lives all over the world.