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LaunchGood Supporting To Raise the Standard of the Ummah’s Education

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Nizamiyya is an Islamic school launched in September 2022 by a team from Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley, along with students of some of Ummah’s greatest scholars and researchers. The goal is to make an Islamic school model where seminary, academics, and competitive sports are delivered with Ihsan to prepare the next generation of leaders. The school aims to produce highly knowledgeable students who are not only prepared to pursue further studies at seminaries but are also equipped to attend top-tier universities across the globe and contribute positively to society.

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Nizamiyya Islamic School for Our Ummah

The school is set in Istanbul due to a large ex-pat community from the U.S. and the UK and a lower cost of living/wages. Once the Nizamiyya model is perfected, the school aims to scale, establish, and partner with existing Islamic Schools worldwide. 

Nizamiyya’s mission is to nurture spiritually grounded, morally committed, and intellectually curious servant leaders who can benefit their families and communities locally and globally. Their goals include a practised mastery of Islam, a rooted understanding of Iman, and a prophetic character directed to Ihsan. They believe that students need to engage rigorously with the Islamic tradition and the arts, humanities, and STEM fields.

LaunchGood Unwavering Support to Education

In such cases, LaunchGood is the main platform that supports educational campaigns that impact the Muslim community for the better! Nizamiyya seeks to cultivate wisdom, compassion, and a sense of prophetic duty toward family, community, and Ummah. They aim to be a premiere educational program in a family-like environment that fosters their students’ spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth. 

The operating principle of Nizamiyya is to guide young people to success in this world and the next, by pleasing Allah through seeking and nurturing a practised mastery of Islam, a rooted understanding of Iman, and a prophetic character directed to Ihsan. Nizamiyya values excellence, lifelong learning, and the pursuit of meaningful life callings according to their unique interests and talents. 

Here is the campaign link from LaunchGood, run by the Al-Misbaah organization.
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