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4 Things to Reflect Over During Your First Ramadan

Reflection is the key that enables us to connect with those beneficial things in life.

The best actions are those that follow a thought process before performing. That thought process is reflection. Hence, the best way to ensure a good outcome from our choices and feel good about what we do thus benefiting ourselves and others is through reflection and contemplation. 

The upcoming holy month of Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for the practice of reflection with the purpose of connection to your new faith. Here are 4 things to reflect over while observing your first Ramadan:

1. Reflect over your deeds

Looking at ourselves in the mirror is one of the most effective ways to reach self improvement. When you reflect over your deeds, you connect the struggles you face and choices you make in the name of your Creator. Reflecting in this way for the purpose of becoming a better Muslim for the sake of Allah is paramount to humility.

2. Reflect over His message

Love is a result of knowledge of a person, place, or thing. When we reflect over the messages that Allah portrays in the Quran, it is a huge opportunity for us to think: If God was talking to me, what would he want to tell me? If he was to show us how to implement his intention for us on this Earth, how would he do it? This is what we see when we look at the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.  Reflecting over the Qur’an and Sunnah allows us to connect our love and ambition to reading, reciting, and living the message of truth.

3. Reflect over your family

Reflecting over our family, the members, the moments, the good, the bad, can leave us with different emotions. Allah loves the one who struggles internally and externally for the good of themselves and others. Let’s use this reflection to have a positive outcome for our loved ones; to connect with them upon goodness, prosperity, and patience with what they may need time to understand about your newfound journey.

4. Reflect over Allah’s beautiful names and attributes

This is a monumental aspect to reflect on regarding Allah. The actualization of the names Allah gives himself can leave us in awe of Him and what he does for all of His creation; further connecting us to his greatness via obedience. 

May Allah grant you many opportunities to reflect and connect throughout your first Ramadan.

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