Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Ep. 18: Good Actions With The Wrong Intention | Road to Return

Good actions are important, but to receive the full reward for them they must also be sincere. In this episode, learn about 3 types of wrong intentions to be wary of and two criteria that must be met in order to have our efforts be fully rewarded.


Yahya Ibrahim

Contributor | Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim started his knowledge journey with the memorization of Qur’ān in his teens and then pursued his studies in exegesis, jurisprudence, and hadith with scholars from the Hijaz and in Egypt as well. Imam Yahya is a registered Teacher and currently an Assistant Principal. He also serves the Muslim community at Curtin University and the University of Western Australia as the Islamic Chaplain and teaches Islamic Ethics & Theology & Exegesis for Al-Maghrib Institute.