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S2E9 – Is Islam a Man’s Religion? | DoubleTake

Islam was revolutionary at preserving and elevating the rights of women when it was revealed over 1400 years ago, but today’s challenges and sensibilities may cause us to wonder if that is still the case. However, many of our concerns have been addressed as early as the time of the Prophet (S), when female companions asked him about differences in the way men and women were addressed in the Qur’an.

Are the concerns of women secondary to the concerns of men in Islam? How can we make sense of Qur’an verses and Hadith narrations that challenge our understanding of the status of women? How can we better understand these issues at a time when it seems like good role models are hard to come by?

In this episode, join Mohamad Zaoud for a conversation on women in Islam with special guest Ustadha Zaynab Ansari.

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