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Ep. 13: Take Care of Your Body | Habits To Win Here and Hereafter

Physical health and nutrition were a part of our Prophet’s ﷺ legacy. There are many hadiths that show the way the Prophet ﷺ and his Companions kept optimal physical health, and well-documented sources from our early scholars emphasize the importance of health in our faith. Learn how our bodies are a trust from God, and how the strength and health of a believer greatly affect worship.

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Dr. Tesneem Alkiek

Dr. Tesneem Alkiek

Fellow, Director of Expanded Learning | Tesneem obtained her undergraduate degree in Early Christianity and Islamic Studies from the University of Michigan. She went on to complete her Ph.D. in Islamic Studies at Georgetown University with a focus on Islamic law. Tesneem currently serves as the Director of Expanded Learning where she works with her team to create curricula and other resources for communities to engage with Yaqeen’s research. She is also a Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Rutgers University-Camden.