Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research
Profile pic - Tammam Alwan

Tammam Alwan

Director of Development

The son of Syrian immigrants who is proficient in three languages and has dabbled in several others, Tammam has experience working at nonprofits on four different continents—Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.  He values his cultural humility and empathy; working with diverse groups and individuals has allowed him to see matters through different lenses. Tammam was graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary humanities (triad program: religious studies, history, and Arabic language and culture) from the College of Arts and Letters and a Muslim Studies Specialization from the James Madison College of Public Policy on a full-ride scholarship. A native of Metro Detroit, he currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with his son. Tammam enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and reading, especially the classics. He looks forward to connecting with you!