Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Dr. Husain Lateef

Senior Fellow

Dr. Husain Lateef is an assistant professor at the George Warren Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. As a youth, Dr. Lateef studied the Qur’an and Islamic Studies at the Islamic Center of Tempe (ICC Tempe) located in Tempe, Arizona. He completed his undergraduate education in Psychology at Morehouse College and later completed his master’s and doctoral education in Social Work from the University of Michigan and Arizona State University. Dr. Lateef’s research explores cultural and community-based factors influencing violence among high-risk male Black youth. His research focuses on how culture and positive ethnic identity socialization may contribute to bolstering Positive Youth Development (PYD) in this population. After years of working to support juvenile lifers who had been serving life-without-parole sentences in prison, his research is also aimed at improving the outcomes of former system-involved youth.