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S1E7 – Is “Counter-Radicalization” Hurting Muslims? | DoubleTake

There is a rapidly growing industry in the Western world dedicated to fighting radicalization, the process of individuals developing an intent to support or commit acts of political violence. But is this industry accomplishing what it claims to be working toward? If it is, then at what cost?

In this episode, host Mohamad Zaoud talks to Dr. Tarek Younis, author of the Yaqeen Institute paper “Counter Radicalization – A Critical Look into a Racist New Industry,” about the racism that underlies strategies and policies like Countering Violent Extremism (USA) and Prevent (UK).

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Dr. Tarek Younis

Dr. Tarek Younis

Senior Fellow | Dr Tarek Younis is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University. He researches and writes on Islamophobia, racism in mental health, and the securitisation of clinical settings. He teaches on the impact of culture, religion, globalization and security policies on mental health.