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Courage & Commitment: The Femininity of Muslim Women

What does it mean to be a woman? Anse Dr. Tamara Gray explains how she answers this question in her latest publication by exploring women in the Qur’an and how we can overcome preconceived ideas around femininity and masculinity that we have adopted subconsciously.

Read the full publication, part of our Gender & Islam collection.

Dr. Tamara Gray

Dr. Tamara Gray

Senior Fellow | Dr. Tamara Gray is the founder of Rabata, an organization dedicated to promoting positive cultural change through creative educational experiences. She is an Islamic scholar and holds multiple ijazas in Islamic sacred texts and subject matters. Shaykha Dr. Tamara completed her doctorate in the Leadership, Policy and Administration program at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She holds a master’s degree in Curriculum Theory and Instruction, and worked for twenty-five years in the field of education, before moving into the nonprofit world.