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Trailer | Ramadan Du’as on Repeat Series with Dr. Tahir Wyatt

We learn them early. We repeat them daily. We pass them down. But have we paused to acknowledge what we’re praying for? As Ramadan turns the corner, immerse yourself in the meanings of the du’as you usually have on autoplay. Join Dr. Tahir Wyatt as he (re)introduces six oft-repeated Ramadan supplications, and let the forgotten wonder of these 1400-year-old words passed down from the Prophet (s) connect you with Allah like never before.

Download the Du’as on Repeat Printable du’a list here.


Dr. Tahir Wyatt

Senior Fellow | Tahir Wyatt is a published academic, experienced interpreter, and instructor of Islamic studies and comparative religion. During his twenty-one years of studying and teaching in Saudi Arabia, he procured several degrees, including a doctorate in theology. He was also the only American ever to be appointed to teach in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, the second holiest site in the Muslim world. Dr. Wyatt currently lectures both nationally and internationally at mosques, universities, and other institutions of learning. He serves as the Executive Director of the United Muslim Masjid in Philadelphia and is the President of the Quran, Arabic, and Reflection Institute (QARI), an institute dedicated to structured, curriculum-based instruction of the Quran and Arabic Language.