Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Series: Does Islam Oppress Women? 5 Myths Animation Series

Are women equal to men in Islam? Can Muslim women divorce? Are Muslim men allowed to beat their wives? Does Islam oppress women?

The rights of women in Islam is a common topic in anti-Islamic conversations. These discussions often lack nuance and understanding, caused by misconceptions about Muslim women and the misrepresentation of women by Sharia, or the Islamic law. The result is an incorrect assumption that Islam is misogynistic and that Muslim women have no rights.

This video animation series seeks to clarify 5 common myths about the rights of women in Islam as it relates to Islamic Law, focusing on domestic abuse, divorce, legal testimony, inheritance law, and polygamy. Taken from the paper, Women in Islamic Law: Examining Five Prevalent Myths we hope that it provides clarity in these five areas and remedies any outstanding misconceptions about Muslim women’s rights and their status in Islam.