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What is the point of repentence

S1E8 – What’s the Point of Repentance? | DoubleTake


Seeking forgiveness after wronging someone can be difficult, but how do we seek redemption from the Lord of the Universe? How do we know that our repentance has been accepted? And if God is All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and the Most Merciful, why do we have to seek forgiveness in the first place?

In this episode, host Mohamad Zaoud sits down with Sr. Roohi Tahir to discuss her Yaqeen Institute paper “Repentance, Redemption, & Salvation: An Islamic Framework.”

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Roohi Tahir

Roohi Tahir

Fellow | Roohi Tahir has a BS with honors in Computer Engineering from Boston University and is a graduate of the BMAIS higher Bridge to Masters diploma and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Islamic Studies from the International Open University. She is also the Founder and instructor of Nourish Your Soul, a platform for Islamic education.