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The Role of Parents in Instilling Faith – Roohi Tahir | Yaqeen/MAS Academic Conference

This presentation focuses on the Islamic response to a recently published study which suggests a correlation between how parents act on their religious beliefs and the onset of atheism in their children. A number of arguments can be made in favor of the Islamic approach to parenting, the first and most obvious one, the crucial role of parents in instilling faith in their children. The paper takes a deeper dive into how to parent within the Islamic framework, beginning with the need to nurture the fitra, natural inclination at birth toward faith, with sound knowledge and consistent practice. The objective is to show that the most relevant, practical, and effective approach is grounded in the Prophetic model which exemplifies conviction, leading by example, and the balance between discipline and compassion in a manner which builds relationships, mutual trust and faith.

This session was held at the 2018 Yaqeen/MAS Academic Conference at the MAS-ICNA Convention.

Roohi Tahir

Roohi Tahir

Fellow | Roohi Tahir has a BS with honors in Computer Engineering from Boston University and is a graduate of the BMAIS higher Bridge to Masters diploma and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Islamic Studies from the International Open University. She is also the Founder and instructor of Nourish Your Soul, a platform for Islamic education.