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Featured Image - Why Is Asking "Why Does God Asks Us to Worship Him?" Flawed? (Part 2) | Yaqeen Whiteboard

Even The Faithful Ask: Why Does God Ask Us to Worship Him (Part 1) | Yaqeen Whiteboard

Here’s a popular question amongst both religious skeptics and the faithful: why does God ask people to worship Him? Join Ust. Roohi as she breaks apart the question and shows the multiple answers.

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Roohi Tahir

Roohi Tahir

Fellow | Roohi Tahir has a BS with honors in Computer Engineering from Boston University and is a graduate of the BMAIS higher Bridge to Masters diploma and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Islamic Studies from the International Open University. She is also the Founder and instructor of Nourish Your Soul, a platform for Islamic education.