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What Dhikr Will You Make in Jannah? | Episode 24

The first people to enter Jannah will be those who, in this world, remembered Allah frequently and gratefully. When calamity struck, they had sabr. When they were blessed with joy, they said, “Alhamdulillah.” When they faltered, they turned to istighfar. Their remembrance of their Lord will follow them into Jannah, and their dhikr will become as easy as breathing.

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DISCLAIMER: All depictions of Jannah are purely conceptual and only vocals were used in the making of the soundtrack.

Dr. Omar Suleiman

Dr. Omar Suleiman

President | Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman is the Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, and an Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program at Southern Methodist University.