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S3 E9: Overcoming Pørnography | Doubletake

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Pørnography. It’s a word that’s taboo to say out loud in many of our communities, yet it’s responsible for psychological, spiritual, and social harms on a scale that is almost impossible to comprehend. While it is common knowledge that watching pornography is forbidden in Islam, its addictive nature makes it difficult to overcome.

What are the harms of watching this content? What are the underlying issues that cause people to turn to it, and why do they have a hard time turning away? What can we do to stop this habit before it becomes an addiction?

Join host Mohamad Zaoud for a conversation with Dr. Omar Husain, Head of Instruction at Yaqeen Institute and Assistant Professor at Seattle University in the Clinical Mental Health Program.

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Sh. Omar Husain

Sh. Omar Husain

Head of Instruction | Sheikh Omar Husain graduated from Al-Azhar University with a degree in Islamic studies and Arabic. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (Supervised by Michael Moyer), a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His knowledge of the Islamic and social sciences makes him uniquely equipped to address contemporary issues facing the Muslim community.

Mohamad Zaoud

Mohamad Zaoud

Mohamad Zaoud is a brand and media specialist having spent 8 years at Al Jazeera, most recently leading digital content strategy. Mohamad has extensive experience working within the Australian Muslim community and currently holds positions in several Muslim organisations in Sydney.