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Prohibiting Intoxicants: The Prophet’s ﷺ Message

The prohibition of alcohol and other intoxicants within Islam is perhaps the easiest of prohibitions to understand. The dangers of alcohol are well-known, causing everything from poor decisions to traffic accidents to illness, disability, and pre-mature death. Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy explains how Prophet Muhammad ﷺ encouraged temperance through the conviction of faith, and the message of Islam continues to offer a path for individuals struggling with addiction to reclaim their lives.

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Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy

Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy

Fellow | Mohammad Elshinawy is a Graduate of English Literature at Brooklyn College, NYC. He studied at College of Hadith at the Islamic University of Madinah and is a graduate and instructor of Islamic Studies at Mishkah University. He has translated major works for the International Islamic Publishing House, the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, and Mishkah University