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Political Rights, Activism & the LGBTQ Issue | Episode 6

Should we ally with the Left or the Right? On one hand, the Liberal party has appealed to Muslim rights as a minority group, while the Conservative party aligns with our moral values. Muslim political involvement is a fairly recent trend, and our alliances speak to more than just our personal preferences.

How can we secure our rights in a secular democracy while also pushing back against policies that go against our beliefs, such as the open promotion of LGBTQ ideas in our schools?

Imam Tom Facchine invites Dr. Mobeen Vaid to recount the history of Muslim political involvement and activism, as well as to discuss ways to maneuver the political landscape while staying true to our faith.

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Tom Facchine

Tom Facchine

Tom Facchine (pronounced fa-KEEN-ee) converted to Islam in 2010 as he was finishing his BA in Political Science. For the next few years he studied Islam and Arabic with local teachers while working with Muslim youth, founding and directing youth groups in two different communities. In 2015 he was accepted into the University of Madinah and is now close to completing a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law. In addition to youth group activities, for the past two years Tom has directed an after school program for young Muslims called the Ramadan Academy, which operates out of the GCLEA mosque in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Tom’s academic and personal background brings a unique dual ability to relate to mainstream Western cultural norms and engage them from a traditional Islamic perspective. His unique teaching style is highly interactive and brings high-level concepts to a level that even children can understand. He is passionate about building relationships with Muslim youth and giving them the tools and confidence to live as observant, well-adjusted people of faith in our times.