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Building Prophetic Communities for Women

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The Prophet (S) once critically said, “O people! Some of you scare people away [from faith].” He was addressing the best generation of Muslims when he said this, so it certainly still applies today.

Are Muslim communities pushing women away today? What do we lose when women are disengaged from Islamic institutions? How can we improve access and connection to the tradition for Muslim women?

Earlier this season we talked about The State of Masculinity. This week, join host Mohamad Zaoud in conversation with Ustadha Lobna Mulla and Ustadha Maryam Amir as they discuss how we can make our communities better for women.

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Lobna Mulla

Lobna Mulla

Board Member | Ustadha Lobna Youssef Mulla is a motivational speaker and community educator. She is best known for her optimistic, positive and engaging style with audiences. Lobna is the former National Tarbiya Director of the Muslim American Society, where she is still an active member. She has been working as a youth mentor for the past two decades in multiple capacities. Lobna has organized youth camps, led study circles, taught classes in her community, and lectured extensively, nationally and internationally. Additionally, Lobna serves as an IOK Muslim Chaplain at UCLA.

Mohamad Zaoud

Mohamad Zaoud

Mohamad Zaoud is a brand and media specialist having spent 8 years at Al Jazeera, most recently leading digital content strategy. Mohamad has extensive experience working within the Australian Muslim community and currently holds positions in several Muslim organisations in Sydney.