Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Gratitude, Modernity and the Need for God in the Equation (Part 1)

Ustadha Lobna Mulla reminds us the promise of Allah: that gratitude will lead to Allah increasing us in many ways. Practicing gratitude in times of ease and in times of darkness is a special quality of a true believer.

This session was part of the Yaqeen Academic Conference at the 2021 MAS-ICNA Convention in Chicago, IL.

Lobna Mulla

Lobna Mulla

Board Member | Ustadha Lobna Youssef Mulla is a motivational speaker and community educator. She is best known for her optimistic, positive and engaging style with audiences. Lobna is the former National Tarbiya Director of the Muslim American Society, where she is still an active member. She has been working as a youth mentor for the past two decades in multiple capacities. Lobna has organized youth camps, led study circles, taught classes in her community, and lectured extensively, nationally and internationally. Additionally, Lobna serves as an IOK Muslim Chaplain at UCLA.