Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Collection: The Straight Path - Finding Guidance in an Age of Confusion

Yaqeen Institute is excited to release its latest collection, The Straight Path – Finding Guidance in an Age of Confusion. This collection explores matters related to Islamic methodology, providing principles of clarity on the topics that can be the greatest source of confusion to people.
Often when people ask a question about Islam, they hear a host of different answers and are at loss as to how to separate those matters that are legitimate areas of difference of opinion within Islam versus those matters which are antithetical to Islam’s teachings. In a detailed article entitled Difference of Opinion: Where Do We Draw the Line?, Dr. Nazir Khan dissects many of the most pressing questions related to the topic, highlighting the importance of sound scholarship of the Islamic tradition, and distilling principles of Islamic legal theory (usul al-fiqh) in an accessible manner.
We are confronted with an abundance of information everywhere we turn, much of which may be inaccurate or unreliable. As one begins to acquire knowledge about their faith, it is essential to know how to separate reliable from unreliable sources, truth from fiction, and how to locate correct and accurate information. Providing an insightful interdisciplinary approach in Finding Truth in the Age of Fake News: Information Literacy in Islam, Justin Parrott discusses the most important skills that a person needs to remain firmly grounded in this journey.
Many people lose sight of the spiritual goal behind adopting a particular opinion – it is not to win debates or collect followers, but rather to bring one’s heart closer to Allah. Shaykh Tahir Wyatt provides a special video message containing the most important advice when approaching matters that are subject to differences of opinion.
In his lecture, Teaching Truth With Wisdom and Beauty, Shaykh Omar Suleiman reflects on the teaching methods of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ particularly with difficult topics or circumstances.
Is the Shari’ah outdated in modern times or have Muslims failed to understand the process of religious renewal? Amid false calls for reform, what is the true type of ‘renewal’ that is considered within Islamic orthodoxy? In his erudite paper Shari’ah in Today’s World: Renewing Islamic Discourse, Shaykh Hatem al-Haj provides a roadmap for how to understand this topic, and the need for collective ijtihad amongst contemporary scholars.