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Featured Image - Who is Jesus in Islam | Blog

Who is Jesus in Islam? | Blog

Jesus (peace be upon him) has a special status in Islam. He’s the servant of God and the bearer of the Gospels. Jesus is one of the 5 greatest messengers sent to man, and God mentioned him specifically 25 times in the...

3 Steps to Show Gratitude in Islam | Blog

You wake up one day and check your mail to find an unexpected package in your name. You haven’t ordered anything recently, so you’re curious as to what it could be. After you open it, you realize a dear friend sent you...

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How Do I Ask Allah for Forgiveness? | Blog

What are major sins and minor sins in Islam?  The first step to asking for forgiveness is knowing what to repent from. Scholars differ over what exactly constitutes a major or a minor sin.  It is generally...