Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Deeds to Habit

Cherish the Simple and Mundane

We all set ambitious goals, but we often struggle to meet them. Dr. Mohamed Abu Taleb reflects on how we can be more like Uwais al-Qarni, who was considered the very best of his generation for his devotion to Allah...

Practice Patience

In our fast-paced world, we are losing the ability to be patient. Dr. Hassan Elwan offers some tips on how we can practice patience, slow down, and learn how to focus on our worship.

Spend From What You Love

Dr. Altaf Husain reflects on the righteous act of donating from what you love most and lists some practical tips develop the giving habit that is most loved by Allah.

Free Yourself from External Validation

Humans have an innate need for validation, but when does it become an issue? Sarah Sultan outlines the ways validation can get in the way of our spirituality and some practical steps we can implement to reduce the need...

Free Your Hands and Heart

It’s easy to turn to our more selfish nature in times of uncertainty. Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight explains the connection between zuhud and being charitable, particularly in difficult times.

Fix and Give Away

How can we get our houses in order and gain reward from Allah at the same time? Ustadha Lobna Mulla offers some practical advice on how to sort your belongings and know what to donate.

Reflecting on Nature

When did you last spend time in nature? Dr. Osman Umarji describes the prophetic habit of reflecting on the creation of Allah and practical advice to start this habit today.