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James Webb Telescope: Muslims in Space | DoubleTake S3 E12

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The James Webb Space Telescope is set to be operational by July as NASA’s flagship mission in astrophysics. In the coming years, we are expected to learn more about the first stars and galaxies after the Big Bang, and we may see significant progress toward becoming a multiplanetary species.

What does Islam have to say about the importance of space exploration? How does the Big Bang fit into our understanding of creation from the Islamic perspective? Does studying space have any importance to our daily lives as Muslims?

In this episode, host Mohamad Zaoud talks to astrophysicist and data scientist Dr. Aycha Tammour, about how Muslims should think about space exploration.

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Mohamad Zaoud

Mohamad Zaoud

Mohamad Zaoud is a brand and media specialist having spent 8 years at Al Jazeera, most recently leading digital content strategy. Mohamad has extensive experience working within the Australian Muslim community and currently holds positions in several Muslim organisations in Sydney.