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From Science to Scientism

Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi’s #YaqeenBehindTheScenes video into is an upcoming publication titled “From Science to Scientism: The Decline of Scientific Productivity in Islamic Civilization.”

In this video, Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi discusses some interesting findings regarding the contemporary research on the subject of the rise and decline of scientific productivity in the Muslim world. The paper is currently in the research phase and transitioning into a fully written article. The next video will detail some of the major findings behind the internal factors which led to the decline and what Muslims must do to solve it.


Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi

Fellow | Asadullah Ali has a Bachelors of Arts from Benedictine University in Western Philosophy, Masters from the International Islamic University of Malaysia in Philosophy, Phd. Candidate at University of Georgia in Islamic Studies.