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S3 E3: Are we failing new Muslims? | DoubleTake Ramadan Special

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We often hear that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, but conversions to Islam aren’t necessarily the main reason for this growth. In fact, despite the appeal of Islam to many people who seek the truth about God, joining a new faith community can be difficult, and some converts struggle to hold onto their religion.

What are some of the challenges that new Muslims face? What can Muslims do, as communities and individuals, to help converts on their journeys? What role can Ramadan play to strengthen their resolve?

Join host Mohamad Zaoud as he sits down with Sh. Abdullah Oduro, Head of Convert Resources at Yaqeen Institute, to discuss the convert experience.

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Sh. Abdullah Oduro

Sh. Abdullah Oduro

Fellow, Head of Convert Resources | Abdullah Oduro is a first generation Ghanian native that converted to Islam in 1997. He graduated from the College of Islamic Law from the University of AlMadinah in 2007. He conducts public speeches, sermons, lectures, and workshops around the US on Islamic Law, self-improvement, and convert life. He is currently the Imam at the Islamic Center of Coppell and Lewisville in Dallas, TX. He resides in Dallas, TX with his wife and four children.

Having recently joined Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research as a Scholar, Shaykh Abdullah leads a team providing unique and comprehensive resources for new Muslim converts and institutional convert care.