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Introducing Our Sayedaty Series by Tesneem AlKiek

Since the beginning of time, women have made major contributions to society – not only in their roles as mothers and wives, but as philosophers, leaders, scholars, companions of the Prophet, teachers, scientists, and so much more. However, their achievements are all too often overlooked.

We are proud to announce our brand new video series, “Sayedaty”. The goal of this series is to honor the incredible women of our past and present, while inspiring YOU to contribute to society. Join Yaqeen Institute Fellow Tesneem Alkiek as she explores the stories and accomplishments of an important female figure and role model each week.

Dr. Tesneem Alkiek

Dr. Tesneem Alkiek

Fellow, Director of Expanded Learning | Tesneem is the Director of Expanded Learning and a Fellow at Yaqeen Institute. She has a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies with a focus on the development of Islamic law from Georgetown University. She completed her undergraduate degree in Early Christianity and Islamic Studies at the University of Michigan.