Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Sherine Aboelezz

Curriculum Operations Manager
Sherine currently works as a Writing Specialist at Georgetown University in Qatar for the Walsh School of Foreign Services. In addition to holding a Bachelors from Rutgers University in Journalism and Mass Media Studies, she also holds a Masters in English Education (Secondary) from Columbia University and has over fifteen years of classroom experience.
As a trained facilitator and Instructional/Literacy coach, Sherine has a passion for coaching teachers and administrators on how they can effectively and efficiently work together to serve and empower their students. Over the years, she has presented and led many workshops and initiatives on the best practices in Language Arts instruction, data analysis, goal setting, authentic assessments, and curriculum/rubric design. Sherine hopes that her experience in working with schools, teachers, and administrators will be of service to the Expanded Learning Team as they create their Islamic Studies curriculum.