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Tawaqquf and Acceptance of Human Evolution

Can Muslims accept the theory of evolution while remaining faithful?

Dr. David Solomon Jalajel explains how he answers this question in his recent publication, “Tawaqquf and Acceptance of Human Evolution“, part of our collection on Evolution.

Read the full collection here.

Dr. David Solomon Jalajel

Dr. David Solomon Jalajel

Contributor | Dr. David Solomon Jalajel is a consultant with the Prince Sultan Research Institute at King Saud University and holds a PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of the Western Cape. Formerly, he was a lecturer in Islamic theology and legal theory at the Dar al-Uloom in Cape Town, South Africa. His research interests concern how traditional approaches to Islamic theology and law relate to contemporary Muslim society. He has published Women and Leadership in Islamic Law: A Critical Survey of Classical Legal Texts (Routledge), Islam and Biological Evolution: Exploring Classical Sources and Methodologies (UWC) and Expressing I`rāb: The Presentation of Arabic Grammatical Analysis (UWC).